Be The Change Jackson

Jackson is no different than many other capital cities that fell victim to the rampant suburbanization of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. We are living in a time of extreme financial strain and have been dealing with a declining tax base for years. We have [...]
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Incubating Craft Beer

  A North Carolina mill that produced Confederate uniforms during the Civil War will soon be converted into a craft brewery incubator. Constructed in 1817, Rocky Mount Mills operated until 1996. After various ownership changes and remaining largely [...]
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Craft Brewers See Production Increase

The Brewers Association released a report saying American craft beer production volume during the first half of 2014 rose 18 percent from last year’s numbers. The following is from the Brewers Association press release. Small and independent craft brewers [...]
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Craft Beer Work Group

Governor Andrew Cuomo has created a legislative work group to formulate ideas to help the craft brewing industry in the State of New York. This group, composed of leaders from the industry, academia, and the public sector will craft solutions (pun intended) [...]
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Craft Brewers Increase Market Share

Before exploring the shift in the beer market and the growth of the craft beer segment, it might be helpful to have a better understanding of the definition of craft beer. The Brewers Association defines United States craft breweries as small – producing [...]
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The Capacity to Endure

Here is an article I wrote that was recently published in Innovate Mississippi’s Summer issue of Pointe Innovation magazine.    

Craft Beer Big Business for States

In June, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed into law the Stone Bill, a bill that lifts the restrictions on smaller craft breweries and makes key changes to the license regulations in South Carolina. The Stone Bill was largely conceived so that South [...]
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3,000 Community Based Breweries

According to Bart Watson, chief economist for the Brewers Association, there are now more than 3,000 breweries in the United States. Through the end of June 2014, the Brewers Association counted 3,040 breweries, which marks the first time the United States [...]
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MDAH Announces New Round of Grants for Historic Buildings

Originally posted on Preservation in Mississippi:From the MDAH website: $2.1 Million Available in Preservation Grants – posted July 01, 2014 A popular grant program for preservation projects has received additional funding. The 2014 Mississippi [...]
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The Three Tier System in the United States and Its Evolution

In 1919, Congress ratified the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, prohibiting the manufacture, transportation, distribution, and sale of alcohol. The era commonly known as Prohibition ushered in 13+ years of illegal bootlegging, [...]
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